“Our thanks to the Narvesons - the Music Times and the
K-W Chamber Music Society for their support over the years”

The K-W Chamber Music Society has as its sole purpose bringing to this community good performances of chamber music, from A to Z.

Although we emphasize internationally and nationally reputed musicians, while we’re at it we have always supported local musicians, including an annual concert by the KWCO.

With some sixty or more concerts per year, we hope to reach out to the whole music-loving community. This is our 45th season! Please visit our web site for more information.

The Music Times was launched in 2007, a free bimonthly that provides readers with a comprehensive 2-month calendar of concerts and music festivals in the region. It also features articles about music and musicians (highlighting local stories), and has space for advertising arts events, businesses, items for sale, lessons, and more. Please visit our web site for more information or contact us at